Mitch Murder’s new album Current Events

Current Events is Mitch Murder’s second album from Rosso Corsa Records. It spans the gambit of VHS-inspired themes from late night news casts to the Shores of Orion. Laid back and sensible, Current Events is a soundtrack to the unfolding events of the 1980’s.

Mitch Murder is Johan Bengtsson from Stockholm, Sweden. His new wave styles and smooth production sound like they were made in the 1980s which is somewhat of a rarity these days. He has been reinterpreting the 1980s since 1997 and uses specific programs to create his sounds. For more information on Mitch Murder you can read our profile

On his first album Burning Chrome from 2010, we here at Rosso Corsa were taken with the track Montage and Current Events extends the same theme over 10 tracks with an intro and intermission. Miami Nights/ActRazer says this new album is better than the first, but it’s hard to beat a track as signature as Montage.

In a recent interview Mitch Murder told that “Current Events, is all about everyday life during the 1980′s in general to major events that defined the decade. Most of the time it’s pretty subtle though. I just enjoy working around a set theme.” You can see the entire interview here.

Carefully arranged and produced, Current Events is our closing sound for the end of 2011, or should it be 1981? You can get all the tracks on Amazon, iTunes or Bandcamp.

For your listening pleasure we have uploaded track number six from Current Events to our Soundcloud with full download privileges:

Written by Richard Michael Owen

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