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Miami Nights 1984 is Michael Glover from Victoria, BC, Canada. His obsession with the 1980s has led to the founding of Rosso Corsa Records and a revival of synthesizer music. With Rosso Corsa he is championing many artists such as Mitch Murder, Lazerhawk, Jordan F and Lost years to make 1980s-inspired music with modern fidelity.

Being among the pioneers of this revival, Mike’s first project Actrazer initially defined the Rosso Corsa sound together with output from label co-founder Lazerhawk. They coined their music Outrun, a genre of soundtrack music with epic leads and arpeggiated synths. At the same time, Kavinsky, the Outrunners and the Valerie Collective were all contributing to this new sound.

Since 2010 Michael Glover has been ecstatic about the success of his second project known as Miami Nights 1984 (MN84). Characterized by smooth synthesizers and nostalgic solos, this new sound accentuates the carefree feel of the 1980s.

The Miami Nights sound garnered support on an international scale with the official remix of ‘Somebody I Used To Know.’ by Gotye. It infuses 1980s charm with Gotye’s powerful voices and moody lyrics. Rollings Stone says it’s an “eighties-inspired synth-pop remix, inspired by [mike’s] love of old John Hughes films” while VH1 says “It’s a synth-led 80s redux, and it’s pretty rad”

When asked about influences, Mike says he obviously takes from the 80s: “The music, movies, shows, cars and girls are all running through my imagination when I write a piece of music. I’m not happy with a piece of music unless I can imagine it as the soundtrack to a film or show. Ever since I was a child I enjoyed synth-based music like Tangerine Dream, Jean Michael Jarre and Ray Lynch.” His name coincides with the original run of the Miami Vice TV show on September 28, 1984.

In creating his sound he uses “a variation of analogue synths and virtual instruments in Abelton Live. I’ve been using more virtual instruments for convenience and ability to leave a project without worrying about getting the same sound again.” Many of the parts are first recorded from live instrumentation and tweaked afterward in Ableton.

“If I had to choose my best track… it would have to be Elevator Of Love or Ocean Drive“. I think many of us would agree with Ocean Drive which is a soundtrack to California’s Pacific Coast Highway or even Ocean Drive on the Miami Beach strip:

We have released all the previous Actrazer material in a compilation called classics available on Bandcamp. neros77 also made an exclusive video to accompany this unnamed Actrazer track:

When not playing music or designing Rosso artwork Mike is keeps tabs on the Valerie Collective, Binary, Lunar Boogie and Tonite Records. “They are doing great work as far as modern Italo and dreamwave goes.”

Building on the successes of Rosso Corsa Records and an official Gotye remix, Mike released the second Miami Nights 1984 full length album Tubulence. Spanning 12 tracks, Turbulence builds upon the synth-pop charms and synthesizer solos from Miami’s first album with more character: orchestra stabs, percussive rushes, slow motion bends and epic interludes distinguish the album. So does the album’s more intense moments which promote the Outrun electro sound we have championed for many years.

Album Discography
Miami Nights 1984-Turbulence album released Mar 9th 2012
Miami Nights 1984-Early Summer album released summer 2011
Actrazer-Classics released Feb 8th 2012

Official Remixes
Gotye-Somebody I Used To Know (Miami Nights 1984 Remix)
Ghosthouse-Stop Drop & Roll (Miami Nights 1984 Remix)

Miami Nights 1984 Soundcloud

Actrazer on Soundcloud

Written by Richard Michael Owen

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28 Responses to Miami Nights 1984 Profile

  1. Jacob Halton says:

    Ha, it’s funny you mentioned Kavinsky and Valerie, I have them and all your record company’s artists in one Spotify playlist called “Highway”. I started it with music from Russ Chimes and kept adding related artists.

    Didn’t look any of you up till tonight and realized all the artists I sequenced next to each other were in the same label.

    Keep doing what you’re doing, I love it!

  2. Shane says:

    When are you coming to the Uk to do some gigs? have you got a mailing list? F*****ing love what your doing.

  3. click here says:

    Have you given any thought at all with translating your current web site into French? I know a few of translaters here that might help you do it for no cost if you wanna contact me personally.

    • Tommy says:

      Absolutely incredible music! Born in 1976 and obsessed with the 80’s Electronic sound more than ANYBODY I know! Synthesizer based, Warm ambient sounds = Nostalgia Perfection. The 2nd British Invasion that started in 1983 – 1987 is what I’m talking about. Timeless, enchanting, imaginative and forever apart of my childhood dreams! Keep up the great work. I DJ for a living and I always find myself going back to the 80’s to move a crowd and to put myself in that nostalgia zone.

  4. Paul says:

    Gigs in Seattle anytime soon?!

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  6. Mike Boogie says:

    Love what your doing, the music is amazing, best I’ve heard in a looong time…need to buy your stuff on wax if available but will buy the CDs…are there any stores in Vancouver that carry Rosso Corsa artists?

  7. mim says:


  8. Murray says:

    You guys are doing an awesome job! Just found Miami Nights 1984, Lazerhawk, and other tunes from acts like Renegade, as well as Islands Rock. Loving the magical 80s sound. Would love to make an iOS game featuring these sweet tunes one day!

    – Muz

  9. Murray says:

    I found the ace videos of your songs through this video, which was created by DavidFromLille, a YouTube user who uploads great videos made using 60’s and 70’s movies, generally, with the old soundtrack music. He has great vids.

    Anyway, he edited together a great 80’s clip to an Island Rocks song in a synth pop/rock style… thought you might enjoy.

    Island Rocks – Synth Pop Theme

  10. Gustavo101 says:

    Hello, I always love this sound of 80’s music and right now is actually done by artist like Miami Nights 1984, THANKS A LOTTTTT

    As a Kavinsky fan I am proud to have vynils of his music. At the same way, I would like to buy Miami Nights music in vynil or cd format. If this possible or we have to wait for that???

    Gustavo 101

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  13. Roman says:

    My greetings from cold Siberia, Russia!
    Your great music melted the Siberian snow!
    I wait for new music NM ’84
    Thank you!!!

  14. Jamie Crowder says:

    Just heard Sunset Cruise for the first time and it blew my mind. Can’t believe you guys are homegrown. Unreal. Keep it up. I’ll keep listening.

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  16. simon says:

    hey guys,

    love the jams and videos – I did a post on my blog about it all..

    cheers, simon

  17. Jon says:

    I have to say I really love the music you and similar artists are doing. I’m a pretty huge fan of 80’s music and movies, and to come across this “new” style of music just makes me so happy. Keep up the good work and I look forward to hearing new stuff from you and the label in the future!

    – Jon Coish
    St. John’s

  18. D-Jedi says:

    Only a Genius can be able to make something better than things that he loves.

    MN1984 is the best thing that came for electro, retrowave music.

    Thank You 4 your creativity & your inspiration…

  19. Joel Wright says:

    Just awesome! I too echo the thoughts of many here and on youtube who grew up in the 80’s…Love it! You guys all have captured the very essence of the coolest decade ever!

  20. willsire says:

    “the getaway” and “on the run” my favorites 😉

  21. Scott M. Young says:

    Dude I love your music, and I use it for everything throughout the day. It is the soundtrack to go out and dominate life to. You are absolutely right that you need soundtrack to life and this is mine. Keep pumping out the amazing jams and I would love to see you tour. Come to Dallas, TX.

  22. Paul says:

    Hi , i like the kind of music & style that you guys do, but i really dont know what the differences are between the genres, meaning outrun,chillwave,synth wave, dream wave, ?????

  23. steve velasquez says:

    miami nights you need to produce more tracks man. I’ve bought both of you’re albums and the Actrazer album…by far you are my favorite artist in this genre

  24. John says:

    I’m only 22 so never lived through 80’s but my dad always played the tunes when I was growing up. I fell in love with the sound and when I found your music it feelt like I’m getting to experience that era for myself. Love all these tunes big time.

  25. Adrian says:

    Really love MN84!!! Great music and greater nostalgia from it!!! Would love to use it in some movies that I’m planning to make!!!

  26. Paul says:

    I’ve been listening to the vibrant tunes of MN84 and Lazerhawk on loop since discovering them. My electro collection is now more exciting than ever. I will be buying everything you release. Have fun!

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