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Lost Years is Magnus Larsson from Avesta, Sweden. His enthusiasm for the 1980s, red wine and collecting Roland synthesizers has landed him a permanent spot on the Rosso Corsa Records roster.

His music ranges from charming surprises to soundtracks for bad-ass newscasts. Both of these different sounds remain cohesive within the Lost Years aesthetic through the use of real 1980 synthesizers. We especially like Harbor Heist off the album Black Waves from December of 2012:

Magnus has been professionally making 1980s-inspired music since 2008. Before he started collecting Roland synthesizers, Magnus spent his time playing guitar in the 80s punk and 90s hardcore scenes.

When asked about the switch to Outrun he says… “I just rediscovered the joy of 80’s synth based music and started trying out that genre. It seems like I had it easy coming to me making that kind of music, and it goes hand in hand with my interest in analogue vintage synths.”

While most modern producers use soft-synths, Magnus’s authentic sound stems from complex sequencing with an arsenal of hardware synthesizers: “I have a bunch of gear in my studio… Juno 106, Juno 60, Juno Alpha, JX-8P, JX-10, JX-3P, JP-8000, JD-800, JV-1080, JD-900, TR-808. Linn Drum LM2, Moog Voyager, ESQ-M, Nord Lead 3, Yamaha TX7. Everything is hooked up to two Motu audio cards and one Alesis AI3 Adat interface.”

When asked about his DAW of choice Magnus says he prefers Ableton Live for its ease of use when handling and hooking up external gear. Magnus uses iZotope Ozone to as a mastering layer on top of his army of analogue synths. On analogue compression he says “I quit those. Its not worth the hassle, they are also hard to configure to get rid of latency issues.. I use all vst’s for fx and mastering.”

Magnus says making a track usually starts with a glass of wine then a chord progression or arpeggio. “Newer artists like Mitch Murder are a great inspirational source. Movies like Risky Business and the music score it sets gets my inspiration going.” Magnus also states that he’s a huge fan of the Pet Shop Boys.

Lost Years had a busy year with the successful release of his first full length album “Black Waves” and a remix for the Swedish disco princess Sally Shapiro. “I’m very pleased to have a small fan base that seems to grow everyday. Also to have two releases on one of the labels that I looked up to so much earlier when I just started out (and still do) is also a joy in itself.!

Lost Years Discography

Lost Years-Black Waves album released December 24, 2012
Lost Years- Nuclear EP released May 24, 2012


Sally Shapiro – Don’t Be Afraid (Lost Years Remix)

Lost Years on Soundcloud.

Written by Richard Michael Owen & Michael Glover

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2 Responses to Lost Years Profile

  1. Nice write up and introducing me to Lost Years great selection of youtube videos. Good to hear someone else is using Izotope Ozone, I don’t find it talked about all that much. I imagine there are better options but I find it relatively simple and quick, definitely easier to learn on. My uncle has a bunch of analog gear but I’ve been sticking with vst’s for now. I was pretty much all about programming in notes but my keyboarding skills are improving so writing on my DX27 is actually much more pleasurable.

  2. 大人気アイテムお買い得!

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