We Appreciate Your Support

Hello! For our North American fans we suggest either Amazon.com or iTunes, while Bandcamp is good for international sales and lossless files such as FLAC, Apple Lossless, AAC and Ogg Vorbis. At the moment we do not have any physical CDs or vinyl available.

So Real by Silent Gloves released April 22nd 2013

Black Waves by Lost Years released Dec 24th 2012
LY - large

Sunfield EP by SaiR released Nov 29th 2012
SaiR_EP_COVER concept V3

Nuclear EP by Lost Years released Mar 24th 2012

Turbulence by Miami Nights 1984 released Mar 9th 2012


Classics by Actrazer released Feb 8th 2012


Visitors by Lazerhawk released Feb 6th 2012


Burning Chrome by Mitch Murder released Nov 2011


Burning Chrome by Mitch Murder released Oct 20, 2010



Redline by Lazerhawk released January 15, 2010


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25 Responses to We Appreciate Your Support

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  3. Nigel says:

    Get some releases out on vinyl! I will buy them all up! 😀

  4. BrissBrass says:

    I would love to get some Miami nights 1984 swag. Tees would be amazing. Shout out from Key West, FL! Awesome music to listen to riding around down here!

  5. Erik says:

    I really would like to see some releases on vinyl. I would buy a lot!!!

  6. BSwain says:

    It’s like listening to musically talented people play the music that my own head has been making for years.

  7. Peter says:

    meeee toooo please start some cd/vinyl production i must have all of your stuff in my hands buying digital is no fun with this much retro swag

  8. Roberto G. says:

    Man, I’de buy Visitors by Lazerhawk on Vinyl in a heartbeat.

    I NEED To show my kids “So far away” 40 Years from now so It can blow their little underage minds away like it did to me!

    • Lazerlight says:

      If your kids are underage in 40 years that means you’re not even born yet 😛

      I’d love LazerHawk on CD! Digital-only just won’t cut it with music that is so old-school. I can remember when the CD was THE hot new thing in the early to mid-eighties. I’d see a CD-player on ‘Knight Rider’ and drool over it. So Rosso Corsa artists absolutely deserve to be on the cutting edge of technology and get a CD release!

  9. Stephen Valdez says:

    Vinyl!!! Redline please! Get some band merch while you’re at it. Cause I like to advertise the good shit.

  10. (((kindle))) says:

    Vinyl!!! CD’s!!! I work at a record store in San Francisco. I could get this stuff in the play stock and people would eat this up out here. People are still buying physical media.

  11. Hal says:

    Vinyl please!!!

  12. Jay says:

    Adding to the vinyl love. DO IT! 😀

  13. Ashton Houston says:

    Thank You Your Music It Makes Me Feel Alive Especially Late At Night On The Freeway Me My car And Rosso Corsa

  14. luke brennan says:

    please message me when you release your music on vinyl.

  15. Marcy says:

    Has anyone requested Miami Nights on vinyl yet?

  16. K.M.Lawrence says:

    Please make some good old Vinyls esp. Lazerhawk!
    Greetings from Munich

  17. Michael says:

    Hey guys, I just went to amazon to buy miami nights early summer album and it’s no longer up there. Any idea why it got taken down? I bought Turbulance, but it doesn’t have all of my favorite songs. Hopefully you can get it back up an let me know so I can swoop up on it.

  18. Hello guys, really wanna contact you guys to discuss the possibilty of using your music in a surf film.
    Thanks guys, please get back to my email.

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