Endgame by Highway Superstar



Rosso Corsa artist and Kung-Fury soundtrack collaborator Highway Superstar has released his long-awaited sophomore full-length album.

Endgame features 11 tracks and a long list of collaborators including Tesla Boy’s Stan Astakhov, Miranda Carey, Dana Jean Phoenix and Honey Colonna.

Endgame is available for worldwide release on:


Follow Highway Superstar:


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Slipstream by Jordan F


Longtime Rosso Corsa artist Jordan F has released his first full length album here with us.

Called Slipstream, it’s an 8-track sega through outrun which his heavily influenced by Miami Night’s early Actraiser sound.

Slipstream is available for worldwide release on:


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ARPNET by Palm / I \ Highway Chase


ARPNET is the first full length album by Palm / I \ Highway Chase who is the mysterious Road Chief from Berlin, Germany.

It trails the exceptional Escape From New York EP which was a seminal influence to Rosso Corsa’s first few releases.

Revived from the myspace.com-generationed Escape From New York EP, ARPNET is an extension of Palm Highway Chase’s early sound with 12 tracks coming in at just under 30 minutes.

Boomkat.com described Palm’s sound as “a caffeinated Jan Hammer duelling with himself and a wayward sequencer, barrelling out a nine-lane highway slicked with adrenalised arpeggios and chrome rainbows chords.”

We would describe ARPNET as Classic Outrun, full of hard-charging synths and the occasional heartfelt relief.

ARPNET is available world wide on:


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Happy New Years, Top Tracks of 2013!


2013. It was the year of Edward Snowden and the surveillance state, Vine, twerking and the comebacks of Beyoncé and Kanye West. But it was also China’s first adventure on the moon with Chang’e-3 and the abysmal flops of Blackberry X and crack-smoking mayor Rob Ford. But, as always, another year completed means more great music.

Here at Rosso, we can ego stroke somewhat: This year we licensed tracks to HBO’s Eastbound and Down, Toonami’s Spacy Dandy and Gameloft’s Gangstar Vegas as well as releasing full albums by Lazerhawk, D/A/D, Lost Years and Highway Superstar, not to mention a killer EP by Silent Gloves. Looking forward, we are excited to contribute to Laser Unicorns’ exceptional Kung Fury movie which just went viral.

Signing off for 2013, this is Richard Michael Owen and I am presenting to you the top synthwave tracks of 2013:

Michael Glover – Miami Nights 1884, ActRazer, Rosso Corsa Records
1. Alan Braxe – Voices
2. Tesla Boy – Fantasy
3. FM Attack – Fade Away
4. Chaconne – Romance and Revolution
5. Tommy – Tommy’s Theme

Garrett Hays – Lazerhawk, Rosso Corsa Records
1. Magic Sword – In The Face Of Evil
2. Highway Superstar – All Around the World (feat. Who Ha)
3. Carpenter Brut – Hang’Em All

4. Power Glove – Motorcycle Cop
5. Empire Of The Sun – I’ll Be Around

Richard Michael Owen – Rosso Corsa Records, Supercars.net
1. Chaconne – Romance and Revolution
2. Tommy – Higher & Further (feat. Perturbator)
3. Carpenter Brut – Looking For Tracy Tzu
4. Adeyhawke – Looker
5. Lazerhawk – These Streets

Jason ‘White Thunder’ Farrell – Rosso Corsa Records
1. Nightcrawler – Road Blaster (Miami Nights 1984 Remix)
2. Mitch Murder – Just till Midnight (feat. Miranda Carey)
3. Highway Superstar – Take My Time (feat. Dana Jean Phoenix And Chris Page)
4. Neptune Safari – Adeline is in a water drop
5. Bobby Tank – Gurl You Know

Johan Bengtsson – Mitch Murder, Stratos Zero
1. p e a c e FIRE – Mystic Body
2. HAIM – Falling
3. Boards Of Canada – Nothing Is Real
4. Chromeo – Over Your Shoulder
5. Ceephax – Cro Magnox

Rick Shithouse – Synthetix.FM
1. Carpenter Brut – Looking For Tracy Tzu
2. Tommy – Higher & Further (feat. Perturbator)
3. Silent Gloves feat. Patrick Baker – So Real (Original Mix)
4. Dance With The Dead – Thasher
5. ST∆RC∆DI∆N – Sgt. Tagowski

Steve Gillson – Project Friday, Silent Gloves
1. Le Casette – Tonight
2. St Lucia – Elevate
3. ST∆RC∆DI∆N – Sgt. Tagowski
4. RAC – Under African Skies (ft. SPEAK & Liz Anjos)
5. Oliver – Night Is On My Mind

Alex Karlinsky – Highway Superstar
1. Electric Youth – Innocence
2. Le Matos – Sarah
3. Silent Gloves feat. Patrick Baker – So Real (Original Mix)
4. CHVRCHES – The Mother We Share
5. Tesla Boy – Undetected

James Kent – Perturbator
1. Power Glove – Motorcycle Cop
2. Noir Deco – Rasalom
3. Gost & Motion Static – Tokyo
4. Le Casette – Tonight
5. Makeup and Vanity Set – Yearling

Chaconne – “Gentlemen, it is an honour”
1. Carpenter Brut – Meet Matt Stryker
2. The Boy and Sister Alma – Tom’s Cruise (Silent Gloves Remix)
3. Sally Shapiro – If It Doesn’t Rain
4. Adeyhawk – In Memorex
5. Miranda Carey & Sunglasses Kid – High School Love

Jurgen Desmet- Playmaker
1. Highway Superstar – Take My Time
2. Lazerhawk – Skull and Shark

3. Nite Sprite – Strut
4. Who Ha – Khaki
5. Arc Neon – Bloodsport 2092

Jordan Faeghi – Jordan F
1. St Lucia – Elevate
2. Lifelike – City Lights
3. Alan Braxe – Voices
4. Electric Youth – Innocence
5. Hayden James – Permission To Love

Magnus Larsson – Lost Years
1. Tokyo Denmark Sweden – When It Breaks (Jordan F Remix)
2. Lazerhawk – The Looks That Kill
3. Makeup and Vanity Set – Quadra IV
4. Oliver – Night Is On My Mind
5. Henric De La Cour – Grenade

Søren Brøgger – Neros 77
1. Lazerhawk – Fight To The Top
2. Starforce – Omniversal Oscillations
3. Action Jackson – Start
4. Mitch Murder – The Touch
5. ActRazer – the Return

Vincenzo Salvia
1. Highway Superstar – Take My Time (feat. Dana Jean Phoenix And Chris Page)
2. Who Ha – Out Running
3. Nightcrawler – Diary of a Serial Killer
4. Sunglasses Kid – Summer Nights – Feat. Leon Monroe & Highway Superstar
5. Le Casette – Tonight

Jeppe Hasseriis – Dynatron
1. Lazerhawk – A Promise
2. Power Glove – Blood Dragon Theme (Reprise)
3. Highway Superstar – The Road To Alpha Centauri
4. Betamaxx – Only in Movies
5. D/A/D – Orion Beach

1. Dynatron – Dust of The Saturn
2. Highway Superstar – Easy Ride
3. FM Attack – Magic (feat. Kristine)
4. Le Casette – Tonight
5. MegaDrive – Dataline

Zach Robinson – D/A/D
1. Chon – Dew
2. Power Glove – Motorcycle Cop
3. Deafheaven – Sunbather
4. Perfume – Spring of Life
5. Jon Hopkins – Abandon Window

Palm Highway Chase
1. Lazerhawk- Video Craze
2. D/A/D – Orion Beach
3. Timecop1983 – Childhood Memories
4. MI△MI VICE – Tokyo Negative
5. Waveshaper – Home at last

Frank B. Carpenter – Carpenter Brut
1. Ghost B.C. – Infestissumam
2. Ghost B.C. – Ghuleh / Zombie Queen
3. Ghost B.C. – Year Zero
4. Ghost B.C. – Body And Blood
5. Ghost B.C. – Monstrance Clocks

Michaël Brun – Lueur Verte, Aphasia Records
1. Dance With The Dead – Thasher
2. Lost Years – Lightbringers
3. Perturbator – Meet Jimmy (Feat. Le Cassette)
4. Lazerhawk – A Promise
5. Dynatron – Cruiser

Jean-Philippe Bernier – Le Matos
1. Oliver – Mechanical
2. Alex Metric – Scandalism

3. FM Attack – Magic (feat. Kristine)
4. Vosper & Bozzwell – Music For The Lost And Dead
5. Todd Terje – Spiral

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Take My Time by Highway Superstar


Take My Time is our kind of music: new wave lyrics, chart-popping 1980s vibes and epic guitar solos. It’s a potpourri of Tears for Fears, Koo De Tah and Wham! with a duet that rivals The Human League. From the lyric-driven hits, the album crescendos into Outrun Electro and finishes with a downtempo remix by Tommy.

Highway Superstar is Alex Karlinsky from Rehovot, Israel. He regularly plays the keyboard and keytar but loves the saxophone for its ability to mimic human singing.

Cover art is by Overglow with 3D graphic support by Shio-Z. It’s their fantastic impression of two people running inside a computer as a tribute to the album’s namesake.

The new album is available for immediate download on Bandcamp and will be available on iTunes and Amazon on shortly.


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Amplifier by Lost Years


Amplifier is the second album by Lost Years on Rosso Corsa Records.

It’s 10 tracks of Roland synthesizer goodness that brings joy back to this cruel world.

Lost Years is Magnus Larsson, a superstar music producer and Roland gear aficionado from Avesta, Sweden. His enthusiasm for the 1980s, red wine and collecting Roland synthesizers has landed him a permanent spot on the Rosso Corsa Records roster.

Amplifier is available for worldwide download:




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Skull and Shark by Lazerhawk


Your Halloween just got a whole lot better.

Today is the universal launch of Lazerhawk’s Skull & Shark project, an album and comic series built into one. It combines the talents of Garrett ‘Lazerhawk’ Hays and illustrator extraordinaire Dave Rapooza.

The album follows the comic series from beginning to end and is the result of 18 months work that produced more than 25 tracks which have been refined down to the best 75 minutes.

Skull & Shark has Massacres, China Towns, Children of the Night and a lead character with Looks That Kill.

Any synonym of horror best describes Skull & Shark. It’s a soundtrack for the unspeakable, it’s an analogy to our atrociousness, it’s nightmarish, it’s unnatural and it’s certainly bad ass.

All 15 tracks of shocking delight are available on bandcamp: http://lazerhawk.bandcamp.com/album/skull-and-shark.

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The Construct by D/A/D

The Construct Album Art

Today Rosso Corsa Records is releasing The Construct. It’s the first full length album by D/A/D who helped pioneer the synthwave scene in the early years.

D/A/D is Zach Robinson from Los Angeles, California, USA. He works with composition for film, games and web-series. Zach’s influences range from Buckminster Fuller to Los Angeles cruising to Vangelis.

The Construct is a 10 track adventure that reaches the cosmos and firmly roots us back down with 1980’s romanticism. It’s the best moments from Perfect Strangers or Family Ties told through the Roland JX3P, Korg Poly-800 and Zach’s own Fender Stratocaster.

We highly encourage you to keep up with D/A/D’s work on Soundcloud or Facebook.

The Construct is available for worldwide sale on Bandcamp and Amazon.com:



Written by Richard Michael Owen

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Lost Years Profile

Lost Years is Magnus Larsson from Avesta, Sweden. His enthusiasm for the 1980s, red wine and collecting Roland synthesizers has landed him a permanent spot on the Rosso Corsa Records roster.

His music ranges from charming surprises to soundtracks for bad-ass newscasts. Both of these different sounds remain cohesive within the Lost Years aesthetic through the use of real 1980 synthesizers. We especially like Harbor Heist off the album Black Waves from December of 2012:

Magnus has been professionally making 1980s-inspired music since 2008. Before he started collecting Roland synthesizers, Magnus spent his time playing guitar in the 80s punk and 90s hardcore scenes.

When asked about the switch to Outrun he says… “I just rediscovered the joy of 80’s synth based music and started trying out that genre. It seems like I had it easy coming to me making that kind of music, and it goes hand in hand with my interest in analogue vintage synths.”

While most modern producers use soft-synths, Magnus’s authentic sound stems from complex sequencing with an arsenal of hardware synthesizers: “I have a bunch of gear in my studio… Juno 106, Juno 60, Juno Alpha, JX-8P, JX-10, JX-3P, JP-8000, JD-800, JV-1080, JD-900, TR-808. Linn Drum LM2, Moog Voyager, ESQ-M, Nord Lead 3, Yamaha TX7. Everything is hooked up to two Motu audio cards and one Alesis AI3 Adat interface.”

When asked about his DAW of choice Magnus says he prefers Ableton Live for its ease of use when handling and hooking up external gear. Magnus uses iZotope Ozone to as a mastering layer on top of his army of analogue synths. On analogue compression he says “I quit those. Its not worth the hassle, they are also hard to configure to get rid of latency issues.. I use all vst’s for fx and mastering.”

Magnus says making a track usually starts with a glass of wine then a chord progression or arpeggio. “Newer artists like Mitch Murder are a great inspirational source. Movies like Risky Business and the music score it sets gets my inspiration going.” Magnus also states that he’s a huge fan of the Pet Shop Boys.

Lost Years had a busy year with the successful release of his first full length album “Black Waves” and a remix for the Swedish disco princess Sally Shapiro. “I’m very pleased to have a small fan base that seems to grow everyday. Also to have two releases on one of the labels that I looked up to so much earlier when I just started out (and still do) is also a joy in itself.!

Lost Years Discography

Lost Years-Black Waves album released December 24, 2012
Lost Years- Nuclear EP released May 24, 2012


Sally Shapiro – Don’t Be Afraid (Lost Years Remix)

Lost Years on Soundcloud.

Written by Richard Michael Owen & Michael Glover

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So Real EP by Silent Gloves


Today marks the international release of So Real. It’s the debut EP from Silent Gloves with vocals by Patrick Baker and remixes from Miami Nights 1984, Mitch Murder and SIMØNE.

Each artist embellishes Patrick Baker’s smooth voice in their own distinct way, so it’s hard to pick favorites. Certainly this song is our summer anthem of 2013.

Silent Gloves is the eponymous Steve Gillson who is no stranger to the synthwave scene. The radio personality of Project Friday, his talents extend beyond DJing and software engineering to music production. With his clear mastering and 1980s touch, we hope to have more from him soon here on Rosso Corsa Records.

The So Real EP is available immediately on Bandcamp , iTunes. and

Written by Richard Michael Owen

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