Co-Founder of Rosso Corsa Records, Miami Nights tries to embody the soft warm feeling of an 80s John Hughes film while capturing more of a dark soundtrack style like Tangerine Dream with his Actraiser persona. Born in 1982 on Vancouver island in British Columbia Canada he has been able to draw insperation from his surounding enviroment and romantic dreams. After meeting people online from around the world with a similar interest he formed Rosso Corsa Records with his good friend Lazerhawk in 2009. Now with 12 talented producers on the label, Miami Nights plans to make Rosso Corsa a familiar name internationaly. Miami Nights is currently working on a movie soundtrack as well as his first release on Rosso Corsa Records called "Early Summer".


Miami Nights 1984


"Imagine Kavinsky when he was actually still alive – being a stud instead of zombie – that’s how exciting Lazerhawk sounds." Playmakersplayground

Other Co Founder of Rosso, Lazerhawk is a talented producer and song writer from Austin Texas. Lazerhawks album "Redline" was the first actual release from Rosso Corsa. His style is a fusion of fast driven 80s music with an electro twist. With fast beats and shredding synth lines, Lazerhawk will force you to put the pedal to the metal… joke






Making 80’s inspired electro house has become a trend of the days we live in. Mitch has made it his goal to cut out the club music side and keep a true representation of 80’s music and culture. Born in Stockholm, Sweden in 1980, Mitch grew up marvelling at the popular movies and tv-shows of the 80’s, some of which would eventually serve as a seemingly never ending source of inspiration for his music later on. Wether you’re going for a late night run in the summer heat or speeding down city streets, Mitch has provided the perfect soundtrack to meet your needs. Mitch has had multiple releases and we are honored to have him as part of the Rosso family.

Mitch Murder


Flash Worx is a production duo originally from Italy but now reside in Switzerland. They have an epic upbeat Italo Disco sound and have been blogged about countless times across the world wide web. Wether on the road or in the studio, Flash Worx bring an emotion to their music that reflects their travels and encounters along the way. Flash Worx music is fun, sexy, and sure to rock your party!

Flash Worx



Action Jackson


Mr Vector


Twilight Racing


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14 Responses to Artists

  1. Kitty Willow says:

    Hey there, just wanted to say that you’re a great record company and I love all your music-however I have a question; on YouTube you have tracks by a band I think are called Multipac? I was just wondering if the tracks are avaliable to buy?

    Thanks and keep up the sensational work!!


  2. Barry Zito says:

    I’m a producer and A huge fan!!!!….I can I make my own version of one of your songs???

  3. Dmytro says:

    hey guys! thanks a lot for releasing the music0 but why dont you sell lossless? Do you plan to add FLACS WAVS to trade?

  4. Aliasdave83 says:

    It’s all love here. Bringing it all back. Beyond imagination.

  5. Neil says:

    I love all of your music but can’t find much on ActRaiser except for the myspace page and one song on Youtube (Tough -which is my favorite).

  6. ALEKSEY says:

    Guys! Why not release the music on Vinyl and CD? Very much want to buy! I really like Rosso Corsa Records and all musicians! YOU JUST FANTASTIC!

  7. FTS says:

    Just stepped over your work… Its overwhelming…I always dreamed of a such reviving-movement of the birth-era of electronic music… 80´s childs unite :)

  8. nick says:

    nice stuff

  9. Jamie Smith says:

    Can you guys please release the “Twilight Racing” album as soon as possible please? Love there work!!!

  10. electrobot says:

    You are fucking awesome! You created a whole new level of this genre…

  11. Such a huge fan of Rosso Corsa, Would love to see about connecting musically with you guys

  12. Martin says:

    This stuff made my week. If you ever press any vinyls, I’m committed to buy.

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