Mitch Murder’s new album Current Events

Current Events is Mitch Murder’s second album from Rosso Corsa Records. It spans the gambit of VHS-inspired themes from late night news casts to the Shores of Orion. Laid back and sensible, Current Events is a soundtrack to the unfolding events of the 1980’s.

Mitch Murder is Johan Bengtsson from Stockholm, Sweden. His new wave styles and smooth production sound like they were made in the 1980s which is somewhat of a rarity these days. He has been reinterpreting the 1980s since 1997 and uses specific programs to create his sounds. For more information on Mitch Murder you can read our profile

On his first album Burning Chrome from 2010, we here at Rosso Corsa were taken with the track Montage and Current Events extends the same theme over 10 tracks with an intro and intermission. Miami Nights/ActRazer says this new album is better than the first, but it’s hard to beat a track as signature as Montage.

In a recent interview Mitch Murder told that “Current Events, is all about everyday life during the 1980′s in general to major events that defined the decade. Most of the time it’s pretty subtle though. I just enjoy working around a set theme.” You can see the entire interview here.

Carefully arranged and produced, Current Events is our closing sound for the end of 2011, or should it be 1981? You can get all the tracks on Amazon, iTunes or Bandcamp.

For your listening pleasure we have uploaded track number six from Current Events to our Soundcloud with full download privileges:

Written by Richard Michael Owen

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Lazerhawk Profile

A founding member of Rosso Corsa, Lazerhawk is Garrett Hays from Austin, Texas, USA. His outrun electro is robot pop mixed with dark synths and the occasional lyric. Two years ago I described him as reminiscent of everything that was good in the 80’s: synthesizer jams with gargantuan leads, hard toms, spaced-out melody and the pains of being pure at heart. Since then he has experimented with chill wave and disco, but with a fundamental link to the 80s.

Infectious is the best description for Lazerhawk’s concept album Redline which we have on offer here at Rosso Corsa. On this album the typical monotony of other electro artists is broken up by leads that flow right over top of the hooks. That might be the key to this album, but the timbre of synths or the precision of the programming could be as well. In 2012 his sophomore album Visitors dropped with a more varied style that included sounds from outrun electro to dreamwave and space-disco.

Lazerhawk’s influences are 1980s Synthpop and Italo Disco: “When I decided to start doing Lazerhawk tracks, I had a general idea of what the artists of that era used to create their sounds and set out to either emulate or use the same sounds. I think Kano – Im Ready was probably the track that made me want to start learning more about synths and sequencing and what not.”

When asked about his methods, Lazerhawk professes he uses 100% emulation and it is proof that genius doesn’t always come from the gear your packing or even the programs you use. “Ive been using fruity loops for a long time and I guess its how I prefer to write music since I haven’t changed to something better. Its really kind of embarrassing because FL studio is really garbage in a lot of ways.” (After a giving him a bribe, I was able to learn that TAL-U-No-62 and Arturia’s Jupiter-8V are part of the Lazerhawk sound)

I asked Garrett about the early days of Outrun Electro and how Rosso Corsa began. There’s no secret that the rise of the Valérie Collective and the Outrunners led to an outpouring of new artists and recognition for the genre. Afterward, the Masters of the Universe compilation laid the groundwork for even more artists until it was squashed by Hasbro:

“I started making tracks and I wanted to get them online and at the time myspace seemed like a good place to start so my first Lazerhawk page was on there. Around the same time Sakura Night/Ghost Driver/Savage House was doing a compilation thing called Masters of the Universe and had to take it down due to threats from Hasbro lol. I think I was hoping to start something like that with Stallone and Actraiser. I came up with the name and Actraiser and I started asking people to join us as collective that would evolve into a label. Actraiser is probably 99% responsible for everything else though lol. Hes talented as hell”

After Redline was released, Lazerhawk admits he was searching for his next sound while keeping the 80s aesthetic. His soundcloud included new disco-heavy jams and even a few Chillwave tracks: “I was really proud of the album and Electric Groove but I can barely stand to listen to any of that stuff now.” Only an idiot likes his own work, right?

One of the best tracks from this era is Visitors which was the first track for the next album. The accompanying video, a compilation of supposed UFO footage, was the best synthesis of a Rosso Corsa artist and youtube. Unfortunately, Garrett was afraid someone might steal the footage: “around the same time someone had taken some of my Redline tracks, renamed them and published them on myspace like they were his and I didn’t want that to happen to Visitors. I took it down and I don’t think I have it anymore.” The track is available on his soundcloud and it’s one of his darkest yet.

For the label, he says it would be nice to sign Neon Workout or Power Glove. “I dunno there’s so many artists out there.”

Some of the best tracks in my own music collection are Garrett’s early works and he has always dominated my wall. Most of the highlights are available on his soundcloud and I’ve played So Close off the Redline album more than any other, so it’s a fitting choice for our Soundcloud page:

Lazerhawk-So Close by RossoCorsaRecords

Album Discography
Lazerhawk – Redline released January 15, 2010
Lazerhawk – Visitors released Feb 6th 2012

Official Remixes
LexiconDon – December Sunset (Lazerhawk Remix)
Powerglove – Hunters (Lazerhawk remake)

Lazerhawk on Soundcloud
Latest tracks by Lazerhawk

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Mitch Murder Profile

Mitch Murder is Johan Bengtsson from Stockholm, Sweden. His new wave styles and smooth production are somewhat of a rarity these days and that’s why he’s a large part of Rosso Corsa.

Back in 2008 we heard a couple Mitch Murder tracks on myspace and were blown away by the clean pads, complex bass lines and clever chord progressions.  Since then we have been blessed with two Mitch Murder albums here at Rosso Corsa: Burning Chrome from August, 2010 and Current Events from November 2011. Both albums have a refreshingly clean sound that are, at times, not far off a late night news-cast theme.  Others are slow-jams, flirting with jazz, which we aren’t afraid to call easy listening in a good way. Many of the tracks have complex basslines which is surprising since Mitch doesn’t traditionally play the bass.

Johan revealed to us that his tracks were largely produced with a step-based sequencer, a process known as tracking. He uses a program called Renoise with a secret caché of VSTs. Asked about modern production techniques, he says “i’ve used tracker based sequencers for about 15 years now, and have no intentions whatsoever of ever switching over to a piano roll based daw such as cubase or ableton.” You can see a video of the program in action:

Mitch lists some pioneers such as Paul Hardcastle, Vince Dicola, David Frank, Jan Hammer, Harold Faltermeyer and Giorgio Moroder as his influences. We challenged Mitch about being retro: “I don’t really mind being described as retro. i make 80’s music after all. however, i’m not going for a “retro sound” when composing. I don’t use a bunch of lo-fi filters and such to make it sound old, I try to make 80’s music as if it were still 1984, and the music’s still fresh, if that makes any sense.”“I really don’t pay that much attention to new music anymore, i used to be very much into the whole electro scene (proper electro, not the “electro house” stuff that’s out now), but these days i mainly listen to 70’s and 80’s music, and some mid-early to mid-00’s electro, such as legowelt (and the rest of the hague scene), imatran voima, mr.velcro fastener, dmx krew, mandroid, and a whole bunch of others.”

Mitch Murder’s music really speaks for itself and catches people usually on the first listen. His first album, Burning Chrome, is here with us at Rosso Corsa, but since then he has been busy with new styles and lyric-based production with Snow and Kristine. Mitch says “working with vocalists is something entirely new to me, but i love it, and would love to do a full length release with either of these two. Right now though i’m working on some new stuff with Kristine and not only does she sing, but also lays down some guitar work!.”

The best way to hear Mitch Murder is on soundcloud where he has the most active Rosso Corsa following. Not included is one of his favorite tracks, Montage, which is included on his first album and at the bottom of this post. He says Hollywood Heights is “the most 80’s sounding track i’ve ever made” and we agree.

“Rosso Corsa is my favorite label.”
-Mitch Murder

Naturally, we have decided to share our favorite Mitch Murder track for download and we have also embedded his massive Soundcloud page for your pleasure. Enjoy.

Mitch Murder – Montage by RossoCorsaRecords

Latest tracks by mitch murder

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The New Rosso Corsa

Welcome to the new look of Rosso Corsa Records. With this new blog we hope to keep all our artists and friends up to date as well as share our passion for synth-led production.

In the past few years there has been an emerging interest in Outrun Electro, Chillwave and New Wave which motivated Actraiser and Lazerhawk to start Rosso Corsa Records almost two years ago. In the coming year(s) we hope to reinvent some of these styles and come up with our next signature sound.

As an editor of, I’m somewhat new to this team, but hope to offer increased communication, editorial and motivation to expand upon the great work Rosso Corsa is already sitting on. We are involved with some tremendous artists, most with unreleased material which will find a home here on

Some of our current tracks can be found on our new listen page.

Finally we should mention that this website is produced with a WordPress backend and a css design inspired by Allan Cole’s Neutica Theme.  Included is a screenshot of the old design. RIP.


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